RSS help

The RSS Search box is looking for words in the title, subject or author. (Actual fieldnames are: Titles_all, Personal_Authors, Organisations, Subjects)

The results do not include journal titles.

NOTE: The DATE used for sorting the resulting records in the RSS feed is the Date the item was added to our catalogue database, NOT the publication date.

To create more complex searches, you can use the tips in the table below.

Finding words and phrases

Type the word(s) you want to find (computer software database). Additional options:

To find Type Example
variations of a word (computer, computing, computation) the beginning of the word followed by * comput*
words together, in order a phrase within quotes "computer software"
either word (or both) OR between the words computer OR software
both words, anywhere the words separated by a space computer software
one word but not another word space-hyphen immediately before the word to exclude computer -software
words near each other
(within a specified number of words)
wN between the words,
where N is the number of words
computer w5 software
words near each other in order
(preceding within a specified number of words)
pN between the words,
where N is the number of words
computer p5 software