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Hot Topics in Australian Education

Select a topic of interest from the left hand menu and link to lists of relevant research. The research primarily relates to Australian education and is gathered from public resources produced by the Cunningham Library.  If your topic of interest is not included in the Hot Topics menu, then search on the topic via Cunningham Library’s public resources.

Research detailed in the Hot Topics will include links to online, public documents. To obtain additional literature, refer to details below on How to obtain resources of interest.

Track New Research

Create an RSS Feed

It is possible to create a news feed (RSS feed) to track new content, limited by topic of interest, as it is added to the Cunningham Library collection and to EdResearch Online.  Follow the RSS feeds link from the left hand side menu included in both the Library Catalogue menu and the EdResearch Online menu. Then add your keywords into the field provided and click on the RSS logoRSS feed icon to create a customised feed that can be used in your browser bookmark/favourites or feed reader. 

Email Alerts

Email alerts, customised to a topic of interest, can be set up in ACEReSearch. Library Members and ACER staff can also set up email alerts for new Catalogue content via the Login to Personal Pages (Athens Login) option in the catalogue menu. Use the New Subject Profile option to create the email alert.

How to Obtain Resources of Interest

Literature identified via Cunningham Library’s resources can be obtained in the follow ways: