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 Obtaining Documents
Documents in the Learning Ground database are available in a variety of ways:

Many can be downloaded at no cost from the publisher website. In this case a hyperlink View full text online free of charge is included in the record for the item. (Sometimes free access will only be available to members of subscribing institutions that have enabled online access via IP address recognition or password.)

Other articles can be purchased from online vendors, including the Complete Article Service of ACER's Cunningham Library, or directly from the publisher. In these cases a hyperlink Purchase or access document from publisher/vendor is included in the record for the item.

Many documents not available online can be obtained from the Document Supply Service of ACER's Cunningham Library. Please discuss with your librarian or contact at Cunningham Library. Also, the Cunningham Library offers individual and institutional Membership Services suitable for those working in indigenous education.

Theses, unless available electronically, can only be obtained from the awarding institution. Please contact the university to discuss access options. Your own institutional library may assist you in obtaining a copy.