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Cunningham Library Update

ACER's Cunningham Library provides a unique, comprehensive collection of Australian educational research material. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep update with news on our services and resources.

Latest Issue

Cunningham Library Update, Issue 5, Aug 2015

Previous issues

Cunningham Library Update, Issue 4, May 2015

  • Finding the right word
  • Finding information on assessment
  • Tracking research
  • School histories

Cunningham Library Update Issue 3, September 2014

  • Welcome Pru Mitchell
  • ACEReSearch: free, online and open access
  • Additional research on equity in education
  • Dr K.S. Cunningham: The birth of ACER
Cunningham Library Update Issue 2, May 2014

  • What has the Cunningham Library been up to
  • Featured resource ? EdResearch Online
  • Tracking what?s new in the library
  • Dr. K.S. Cunningham: A Scholar Goes To War
Cunningham Library Update Issue 1, February 2014

  • Open Access Educational Research Databases
  • Learning Ground | ACER's Commitment to Indigenous Education
  • Dr. K.S. Cunningham | Early Years: 1890 - 1916
  • Translating digital research into practice
  • Digital Research Education Network (DERN)
  • Indigenous education: capturing web documents
  • Discovery service at ACER