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Tender Bridge is a national news and information service of the Australian Council for Educational Research, curated by the Cunningham Library.

What will I get if I sign up to Tender Bridge?

As a Tender Bridge news subscriber, you will receive a regular email alert of Tender Bridge information about available funds and opportunities, as well as information about the philanthropy in education sector. Alerts are sent to your inbox.

Who is Tender Bridge for?

School leaders, teachers or parents in your school involved in grant-seeking as well as philanthropy and not-for-profit organisations seeking to partner with schools.

Why sign up to Tender Bridge?

  1. Fundraising ideas come to you
    On your behalf, highly skilled staff do the ‘leg work’ to find relevant opportunities that schools or schools in partnership with others are eligible to apply for. We use multiple sources (web, media alerts & relationships developed with funders) to identify new funds, saving you time and effort in having to weed out irrelevant opportunities.
  2. Up-to-date information
    We do ongoing curation of open funds and verify information is correct at time of posting.
  3. Funds relevant to schools
    The database includes sources from philanthropy, not-for-profit, business and government (federal, state and local) and selects only those relevant to education.
  4. Support for fundraising
    In addition to funding opportunities, the news alert contains links to information about fundraising and professional development events where available.

Who can I talk to?

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