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A decade providing access to research on international education

This year marks the end of an era for the Database of Research on International Education. IDP Education, will complete its decade long sponsorship of the database.

Over the last ten years, the database has ensured academics, international educators, policy makers and professionals with an interest in international education trends have the right tool to access research on this important and ever-changing industry.

The Australian Council for Educational Research, as manager of the database, thanks IDP for their generous support of the service over this time.

ACER will continue to host the database, keeping it open during the first quarter of 2019, and welcomes expressions of interest for new sponsorship partners. To submit an expression of interest, email Pru Mitchell or visit Partnership.

Contact: Pru Mitchell, Manager Information Services ACER
email:, ph +61 3 9277 5549.

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About the Database of Research on International Education

The database contains almost 16,000 abstracts and links to research related to the global international education industry. As well as offering quick full-text, keyword searches, users can access lists of research by country, publisher, author and organisation.

ACER’s Cunningham Library collates and curates this research on international education to inform the international education community with the latest books, reports, articles and industry analysis.

The database has a Twitter feed with over 15,500 followers. Since 2009, tweets of new research have kept the international education community up to date with the work of global colleagues. This amplifies the voice of researchers and the impact of their research.


When will IDP’s sponsorship of the database conclude?

The IDP sponsorship will conclude at the end of 2018.

What will happen to the database?

ACER will continue to host the database and provide a redirect to its new address, keeping it open for searching during the first quarter of 2019.

ACER welcomes expressions of interest from new partners. Expressions of interest can be submitted via email or For more information view Partnership.

What about the Twitter account?

The @IDPDRIE Twitter account will be suspended in January 2019, leaving open the possibility of a re-launch with a new handle.

For further information, please contact:

ACER: Pru Mitchell, Manager Information Services, email:, ph 03 9277 5549
IDP Education: Lyndell Jacka, Head of Research, email: